3 Modern desk organizer

by admin on December 7, 2012

Typical desk organizers bring up images of wooden and ‘boring’ looking items. Fortunately, there is now a current bunch of companies that are producing high quality and contemporary desk organizers to organize almost anything on your desk. In fact, some of these models can even be used by your child to organizer their stationary and small desktop toys.

#1: Boon desk organizer

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This cute and modern desk organizer lets you easily sort through all the different items. The many pockets allow you to store different size items. They are flexible and can be used beyond the desk. For example, you can placed them in your modern bathroom and organize different toiletries.  The only downside is that this organizer occupies a bit of space which might turn off folks looking for something smaller. However, it is definitely sleek and can help you to organize your items.

#2: Moma desk organizer

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It is one of the most colorful modern desk organizer in the market today. You can use it to organizer your stationary like what is shown in the image above. It is also sleek so that it doesn’t occupy much space on your desk. It is also very affordable, costing less than USD15.


#3: Modern letter organizer

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For those who want a modern chic letter organizer, this aluminum wall mounted letter organizer from Umbra is the ideal choice. Not only can it handle any mail that fits into your mail box, there are hooks to hang your keywords so that it functions as a wall mounted key holder as well. In terms of wall mounting this letter organizer, it is relatively simple to do so. All you need is two small Phillips head screws and dry wall anchor. Once these are installed, you can easily slide this modern letter organizer into them.



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