5 benefits of studying interior design abroad

by admin on March 1, 2013

It used to be that only the wealthy could afford to travel and study abroad. It was, in fact, de rigueur to send your children overseas so that they could receive valuable lessons from teachers in far corners of the globe. However, into today’s infinitely connected and globalized world, studying abroad is necessary for people from all walks of life to compete in the international marketplace. Today, many colleges offer students affordable options to visit other countries for a semester, or more, to study in their desired field. For interior design students, taking your education abroad will offer the necessary real world experiences that you can’t get if you spend all your time in the classroom. Here are 5 benefits of studying interior design abroad.

  1. One of the biggest benefits of studying interior design abroad is language immersion. In the global marketplace, being able to speak another language, or two, will give you an enormous advantage. Having the language skills necessary to talk to clients and suppliers around the world could be the secret to your eventual success as an interior designer.
  2. Another big pro in studying abroad is the cultural and social immersion. Broadening your cultural horizon is important to truly understanding different, foreign viewpoints. You will learn that not everyone will have the same social or cultural conditions that you have. Understanding them will make you fully prepared when you encounter them in the real world.
  3. As an interior designer, having global training will look great on your resume. Most large interior design firms these days are looking for candidates that have studied in other countries, because of the enormous added knowledge in they acquire in the field. This will also add to your value as a designer and will reflect in your annual salary.
  4. Studying abroad will also allow you to mature as an interior designer. Seeing, first hand, foreign tapestries, furniture, sconces and the way other people decorate their homes will hugely increase your reference range, thus making you a much more diverse and versatile designer.
  5. Lastly, but not least, one of the biggest advantages of studying interior design abroad is the journey and exploration. Sometimes, if you can’t find any other reason, finding the adventure in traveling abroad should suffice above all else. There are a multitude of amazing, immeasurably different countries that you can visit to enjoy the sites, sounds and smells.

There are many MBA programs online and other universities that will allow you to find study abroad courses in the field of interior design. Studying abroad will offer the interior design candidate who wants to compete in the global market to receive real world experience. These experiences, like language and cultural immersion, maturation as a designer, and the pure adventure of it all, will give you a huge advantage as an interior designer and look great your resume. Most of all, traveling overseas will give you real world skills and understandings that can only be had by traveling abroad.


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