5 cool futuristic desk chairs

by admin on February 14, 2013

A common theme to create a modern house is the futuristic theme. By default, a futuristic house is a modern house so it makes sense for modern home owners to use some form of futuristic furniture in their house. We have featured futuristic lighting and futuristic desk lamps before. In this article, we will be featuring 5 cool futuristic desk chairs that you can use either at home or in your office. Prices for these might not be cheap but you get what you pay for.


Omega futuristic desk chairs

I loved this Omega desk and table set from Atomere. Its greatest feature is that the whole furniture is made on a single piece of material. There is not even a single joint on the desk chair or table. This might create the problem of having no desk drawers but the designer has cleverly incorporated a storage space underneath the surface.  The smooth surface of the Omega gave it extra comfort when your hands are resting on it. A very innovative desk chair and table design indeed.


Transparent desk chairs

Another take on the futuristic concept. Japanese designer Youri Jedlinski use the concept of transparent furniture to create this transparent desk chair. Similarly to the Omega, it uses a single piece material. The curves and the unique table-desk combination makes this an outstanding showcase of your house.


Futuristic folding desk chairs

Douwe Jacobs futuristic folding chair is an outstanding design achievement. It is a foldable chair that is extremely light and be folded away like a handheld bag. When in chair form, these foldable chairs can be stacked together to space save. Each of these futuristic folding char has no sharp edges due to the way they are designed.


Futuristic office chairs

Called the L@p chair, you can understand how it got its name by the loop design the chair has used.  Not only is the design futuristic but it is highly functional as well.  Using one end of the loop to hold is just brilliant design and also helps you to save space by eliminating the need for a table.  I wish all chair designers were this thoughtful.

Futuristic desk chair and table set

This beautiful design is by Futuristic Working Desk Design from Progettospore. Featuring a unique design for both the table and chair, it is a good set for any home owners who want to create a futuristic feel in their home.

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