5 creative ways to improve your backyard patio

by admin on May 27, 2014

If you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of quality time outside and you’re fortunate enough to have a patio, when’s the last time that you decorated that space? If you never have or it honestly appears a bit dated, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about offering you some creative ways to improve your backyard patio so that it will look amazing and you will feel so much more comfortable below:

modern backyard patio

Invest in some plants. A simple and economical thing that you can do to beautify your patio space as well as help to improve the indoor air quality around you is to add some plants to the area. If you happen to be someone who doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb and you’re wondering what kinds are really attractive and also super low-maintenance, some of our favorites are Geraniums, Bamboo and Angel’s Trumpets.

Add a wine or beer cooler. If you’re someone who happens to do a lot of entertaining at your home, how about adding a wine or beer cooler? One of our favorite designs is a wooden table that actually has a few slots built into it. Although you could hire a contractor to build it for you, there’s actually a website that can walk you through how to build one yourself. Just go to and put “DIY patio table with built-in coolers in the search field”.

Try a fire pit. When it comes to “dressing up” our patios, although we tend to only think about doing so during the spring and summer seasons, if you happen to live in an area where the winter season is relatively mild, it can be just as much fun to hang out on your patio with some of your family members of friends when it’s a bit chilly too. What you can do in order to keep warm is to install a fire pit. Wood-burning ones are a pretty popular option although you can also build on yourself, if you’d prefer. Lowe’s is one store that sells a DIY fire pit kit. Just go to a local location and speak to a customer service associate about it.

Put up a patio swing. Do you like to spend your evenings and weekends reading magazines and books outdoors? If so, we’ve got another great idea for your patio and that’s adding a patio swing. Something that’s great about this particular option is that patio swings are affordable and come in all kinds of styles. Some are made out cloth, some are made out of wood and some are made out of ray iron. To see a variety of porch swings, go to your favorite search engine and put “patio swings” in the search field. You will see several websites that sell them in a variety of prices; some of which are sure to fit your budget.

Create an outdoor room. Something else that you can do that will totally transform your patio’s appearance is to transform it into an outdoor room. The awesome thing about outdoor rooms is that a lot of patio furniture is now designed in such a way that it looks just as good as living or bonus room furniture. One website that offers a wide array of Seasons Four patio furniture but we also recommend looking at other stores like Overstock, Pottery Barn and Macy’s too. They all have furniture that will create just the look you’re aiming for. Happy decorating!


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