5 large yard landscaping design tips

by admin on September 8, 2014

It can be exciting to have a large yard – imagine all the things you can do with that much space. However, when you finally get down to landscaping, you realize that designing an outdoor space for that much acreage is actually much more difficult than you imagined. Although, with a little creativity, resourcefulness and resolve, you will be able to make your big backyard look more beautiful than ever. All you have to remember is that minimalism is the key – if you have that much space, you don’t want to cover every square inch with foliage, you want to be prudent about having a reasonable grass-to-foliage ratio. Here are five large backyard landscaping design tips.

modern large yard landscaping ideas

  1. Grass is your greatest ally. When you have a lot of outdoor space, you don’t really want to turn it into a jungle. Having too many trees, bushes and other foliage will make your big back yard look messy and unorganized. This is why you want to rely on grass to cover much of the grounds.
  2. Get professional help. It can also really help to rely on professional assistance. There are many landscape design firms and companies that have an enormous amount of experience with large outdoor spaces. All you have to do is search online for a landscape design company in your community. You will usually be able to find a review site where you can browse through comments and star ratings. On these review sites, you will also be able to find a “view our website” or “learn more” link that will direct you to a website. On the company’s website, you want to browse through the portfolio to a get a sense of what their work is like.
  3. Include a large water feature. Water features can also be a great way to cover ground and make your large outdoor space look beautiful. If you have a lot of acreage, why not build a fountain or even a creek? If you have a love for koi fish, you could build a pond where koi can feed and grow. Another option is to build a swimming hole where you can jump in when the weather is warm.
  4. Hedges can enclose a garden. Another option is to build hedges, which enclose a garden. Hedges are great, because they are sort of like outdoor walls. If you want to have a little place to relax, reflect and enjoy a book, a rose garden can be a beautiful way to make your outdoor space really come to life. To build large hedges, you will need to call on the services of a landscape company. Moreover, the hedges will need to be cut on a regular basis to maintain their shape.
  5. Create different sections. Another way to utilize all of your backyard space is to create different sections in your backyard. You can have an area for a garden, an area for a pool – you can even have an area for growing fresh herbs and vegetables. In the end, there are limitless opportunities when it comes to turning your yard into a space that you can spend time in.


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