5 modern lighting options for home

by admin on March 13, 2013

Have you just recently moved into a new house? Or perhaps you’ve been in your home for a while and you’re in the midst of doing a bit of remodeling? One thing that both situations have in common is that your house can look so much more up-to-date if you add just the right lighting fixtures to it.

So, what are some great lighting options that would be a good fit for a modern-looking home? Although there are actually quite a few of them, we’ve enclosed our Top Five picks for you below:


Modern Skylights

One way that you can brighten up your home naturally is to have a couple of skylights installed. There are many benefits that come with having them. Not only can they be used to brighten up darker areas of your home, but because they rely on the sun’s rays, in the cooler months of the year, they can also be used to keep your house warmer while keeping your energy bills lower.

Modern motion sensor light switch

Almost all of us can relate to walking out of a room and forgetting to turn the lights off. The awesome thing about a motion sensor light switch is that not only do they automatically turn on when you enter into a room, but thanks to the timer that is built into each one them, they will also turn off within a matter of moments after you leave a room as well.


Modern ceiling lights

There used to be a time when if people thought about adding some ceiling lights, what automatically came to mind were chandeliers or ceiling fans with lights attached to them. These days, there are so many other kinds of ceiling light designs and fixtures including flush mounted lights that are ideal for smaller spaces like bathrooms and home offices or mini-pendants that are just great if you would like a little more illumination over your kitchen countertops or the bar area of your home.


Modern fused glass wall sconces

If you asked a company like¬†Gibbsboro Electrician¬†about the kinds of lighting trends that are becoming more and more popular with housing contractors, they might mention fused glass wall sconces. If you’re a fan of stained glass windows, this has a similar kind of effect in the sense that it is made from different size pieces of glass that are fused together in order to create a Tiffany-style kind of lighting. Not only does this particular kind of lighting immediately bring a glamorous look into your home, but it is also quite energy efficient being that most of them come with LED light bulbs inside of them.


Modern track lights

Sometimes, we don’t want an entire room to be well-lit; we would prefer the emphasis to put placed on one particular part of, say, our living room or kitchen. This is where track lights are ideal. If you would like the focal point to be a piece of art or perhaps your wedding china, you can install some spotlights that will shine on those items without you having to use overhead lights. It’s definitely a way to provide a “showcase” effect without spending a lot of energy (or money) in order to do it.


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