5 modern patio design ideas for your backyard

by admin on November 29, 2012

Transforming a patio can be hard work. Not only are many of our patios built around an outdated post-War suburban aesthetic, but also many of our own tastes are heavily influenced by that same obsolete method of decorating. If you want to bring your patio into the modern age, consider these 5 great design ideas before you get started.

Installing a sliding glass door

When you think of “modern” you think of things that are sleek, clean, cool, and elegantly simple. Installing quality sliding glass doors as the entrance for your back yard patio is one of the easiest and most attractive modern design projects you can go for. The right set of sliding doors will turn your doorway into an invisible portal between inside and out. These setups are best utilized in already enclosed areas where security is not a major concern. After all, you don’t want anyone peeking or breaking in.


Install firepit or water fountains for patio

Modern interior and exterior design is all about being daring, radical and unprecedented. Bringing some fire and water into your back yard patio may not be an unprecedented idea, but it has fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years. A fountain can bring a touch of serenity to your patio, great for sunny afternoons reading or simply pondering. Installing a fire pit will give you and your friends a warm and cozy place to gather round in the cooler months. What better way to modernize your patio’s design than by harnessing the forces of nature?


Start herb garden in patio

For many years, the main focus for many gardeners has always been flowers. Everyone wants to fill their gardens with the most vibrant and colorful flowers to be the spectacle of the neighborhood. However, a great way to modernize your garden without being flashy or gaudy is to plant an herb garden. The subdued green tones of this kind of garden are very cool and easy on the eye, and what’s even better–you can eat them! Start an herb garden to modernize your back yard design this season.


Plant a Rock Garden

Do you want to get really revolutionary with your gardening? Take things up to a full modern paradise by laying out a zen rock garden. The art of zen embraces simplicity. A well planned rock garden makes good use of your space by creating contrast in imagery and a positive flow of energy. Rock gardens have been the favorite thinking grounds of Eastern scholars for thousands of years–now you can have one behind your house.


Get Creative with Color

Traditional patio design has always followed a relatively simple formula: brown wood garden furniture, black wrought iron, gray concrete, and red flower pots. Introducing a fresh pallette to your patio could be just the change you need to bring things into the modern age. White is a favorite color of many modernist designers due to its clean, placid simplicity, but you can also go bold with reds, violets, and anything else you can imagine. Unleash your creative side.


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