black and white striped chair

Black and white striped chair

Regulars readers of dadka will know of our interest in black and...

modern mail organizer

Hanging mail organizer – some modern selections

Hanging wall organizers not only helps us to sort through our mail...

bubble chairs under 300 dollars

Bubble chairs under 100 dollars

If you are trying to buy bubble chairs under 100 dollars, I...

ceiling bookshelf

Bookshelf ideas for small room

Bookshelves can be a real space saver in small rooms.  Most of...

pool resurfacing options

Different pool resurfacing options for homeowners

A well-made, in-ground pool will last you for many years, especially if you practice proper maintenance, clean regularly, winterize your pool, and complete repairs as needed. But over time your pool will suffer the wear and tear of use and the ravages of time, no...

modern home's energy efficiency

5 Things to avoid when trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency

Something that all of us want is to have lower energy costs each month; one way that we can do that is by making our homes more energy efficient. And while doing things like using more natural light, installing double-pane windows and putting in solar...

property management companies

Common services that property management companies offer

If you own rental developments or other investment real estate properties, hiring a property management company is vital. While you are busy running the business side of things, a management company will make sure that your properties are looked after. There are a number of reasons...

modern sun room

5 great reasons to add a sunroom to your home

There is a good chance that you have a few square feet on your property that you aren’t utilizing. Have you ever thought of adding a sunroom? A sunroom is a great addition to your home. It’s a place to rest and relax and with a...

decorative window film installation

5 DIY decorative window film installation tips for your home

The truth is that traditional windows can be quite boring – you’ve seen them a million times and there is nothing new or fresh about them. Sometimes you want to see something different and a little more unique. This is where decorative window film comes...

major home renovations

5 things to consider before taking on major home renovations

If you are looking around your home and all of a sudden get the uncontrollable urge to take a sledgehammer and start knocking down walls, you probably have the itch – the itch to start renovating. Don’t worry – many homeowners get the home renovation...

Link to 5 factors to consider before starting on a home construction project

5 factors to consider before starting on a home construction project

All of us have moments when we find ourselves looking at our house and thinking “It’s time to do something new.” And while there are simple things that we can do on our own like painting or adding new window treatments, when we want to...

solar house

5 Ways to determine If your home is a good candidate for solar

If someone told you that you could have all the power you want for your home without having to pay a monthly electric bill, you’d probably jump at the chance. And if it happened that you were also able to stop polluting the planet in...

modern hidden home

Common hidden home issues: different things to look for before you buy

When you’re looking to buy a new home, it is one of the most exciting times in your life. And when you find the one that appears to be your dream house, we can certainly understand why you probably can’t wait to put an offer...

modern heating

Cost-effective methods for heating your home in winter

Some of the tips you’ll get for a warmer heating system are some of the same tips for a cooler air conditioner. Both work in similar ways. However, it shouldn’t be so much about how to make your home warmer or cooler, it should be about...