A Classic Tailored Style of Linen Suit is Ideal for Men and Women

by admin on November 12, 2010

There are some types of apparel that are made to be worn for special occasions. These particular items are usually made with more elegant fabrics and come in styles that are cut to hang better on the body. Among these formal pieces is the classic linen suit. Linen is a fine material that has a nice drape to it when it is made as a tailored suit for men or women to wear. The material is also lightweight so it can be worn for events held during the warmer months of spring and summer.

A classic men’s linen suit will come with pants and matching jacket or suit coat. Some designers will also include a coordinating vest for a classic three piece ensemble. The colors for the men’s styles are usually the more muted or darker shades than the colors used for the women’s styles. The white linen suit is available in both the men’s and women’s styles and is often worn for special events held in the summer such as an outdoor wedding reception. When the white suit is worn by a man the shirt underneath is often a dark black or blue to create a contrast to the white material.

The suits made for women that use the linen material will have a clean tailored line to them with the bottom edge of the jacket falling just below the hip area. The women’s style may have front pockets on the jacket that are made as traditional square pockets. The buttons used on the suits for women may come as decorative styles in colors made to enhance the color of the suit. Some of the white women’s suits will have gold buttons to create a more elegant look to the piece. The women’s white suit works well when paired with a light colored blouse such as cream or pastel blue.

For men or women this is a tailored linen suit is a classic choice for smart summer wear. It will appeal to those who appreciate a well made and good looking outfit. Whether formal or smart casual it can be adjusted to suit anyone’s personal style.

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