Add Style And Comfort With Contemporary Bed

by admin on February 2, 2011

Beds are one of the foremost things that attract attention in any bedroom. Due to this reason it is important to choose a bed that is appropriate in size and function. It is a decorative feature and serves as the basis for the overall design of the bedroom. These days there are several types of beds in the market. Contemporary beds are becoming popular for people who want to use their bedroom space very effectively.

A contemporary bed is a platform bed that adds elegance to your room. These beds have smooth, clean lines, sleek finish and are not overbearing and ornate. The headboard of this bed is quite different from the conventional bed. They are cost effective because they do not require a box spring and make use of slats to give support to the mattress. Platform beds are usually made from metal or wood and are usually put together without the use of screws, steel dowels and nails. They employ a firm locking system to connect all the components. In addition to all the advantages they are very sturdy and provide good sleep. These beds come with storage facilities and are available in several colors.

Modern daybed is another piece of furniture that has immense utility and adds an aesthetic appeal to your house. They are ideal for almost all rooms and are great for additional seating or relaxing. There are plenty of styles and options of the modern day beds to choose from. You can go in for alternatives like pop up trundles and canopies.  They offer you extra storage and are very popular with people who are looking for extra space.

These types of beds are often used in kid’s rooms and they can easily fit into any room by using cushions and other imaginative ideas. These beds are available both in simple straight lines as well as a variety of curved and arched shapes. These beds can easily transform your room into a relaxing environment and at the same time accommodate several guests. With draperies, cushions and other decor options they can be made to fit any style house you may have.

Both the contemporary bed and the modern daybed can be purchased either from your neighborhood furniture store or you can choose from a wide variety of online options.

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