Adding a Little Cheer to your Kitchen with a Sunflower Décor

by admin on December 16, 2010

The Sunflower, with its bright yellow color and huge size, has always managed to cheer someone’s day up. Now, you can add that cheer to your kitchen interior by adding a sunflower kitchen décor. Here’s how:

Do not overdo it

Sunflowers are big in real life so with the decorations, you don’t want to overdo it. It’s always nice to accentuate the kitchen like how you put a centerpiece on the table. The key here is not to decorate everything with sunflower.  You can get a few items like cookie jars, plates or even install wall tiles but use it sparingly.

Where to buy

You could always run to your local home store and shop for items there but they may carry limited items. Most stores sell contemporary accessories since these are the latest in interior design.  You can go to thrift stores instead or online stores like They will never run out of amazing sunflower stuff that you want to include in your interior. You could place an order and include several items all at once to save on shipping fees.

DIY Décor

You could also do some home decorating yourself. If you are quite the artist, then release that artistic side of you and start painting some sunflowers on the walls. You could also purchase wallpaper borders.  If you want to add a sunflower motif to your tiles, purchase a decal and do it yourself instead of buying a new set of tiles. This will save you a lot too.

Out of the Box

Perfect is boring. So play around with your sunflower kitchen décor. Mixing and matching a few items could perfectly fit your kitchen. There’s no rule on how you should use a sunflower motif in your kitchen. It’s all up to you and your little imagination.

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