Antique Hall Tree Coat Racks

by admin on November 12, 2010

If you are looking for a suitable décor addition to your home, consider an antique hall tree, prefect for that small space near the door or the empty corner of a living room. It can be a unique piece of furniture with a very practical use for the whole family.

It is a piece of furniture usually with a tall back and a low seat. There are hooks along the top portion to hold coats, hats and scarves. There is a seat and storage combination on the lower front for storing gloves out of site or sitting while removing over shoes or snow boots.

An antique coat rack is one long piece of wood or brass and has from two to four hooks for coats and hats. The legs spread at the bottom giving a good balance for heavy loads. They fit well into smaller areas and spaces. Many of the up right coat racks have a basket attachment on the side for umbrellas during rainy seasons.

When you begin to look for a hall tree coat rack for your home, consider the space available and if it will be used year round or seasonal. They are made of various materials such as walnut, oak and pine woods for a natural look and feel. On the other hand, if you want something different for an antique coat rack stand, choose brass or solid iron. Both are beautiful and sturdy.

There are several other amenities on hall trees for practical and vanity reasons. A mirror against the back of it will let you see how you look before walking out the door, and when you have guest they can fix their hair and other fixes for a comfortable visit. Many fancy standing coat racks come with small drawers so keys can be found when ready to leave and prevent the endless search. Prices are in all ranges. Search for some of the most beautiful at antique stores and malls for a great deal.

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