Bathroom designs for small spaces

by admin on August 9, 2011

With our apartments getting smaller, it is a good to look for bathroom designs for small bathrooms. These designs typically have a modern look and are designed to maximise your storage space as well. If you have seen other designs that should be featured here, why not leave a comment so that we can include it in our next update.

Bathroom designs for small spaces

This beautiful design is the Sprino collection from TOTO. There are different colors combinations but the image featured below is more suitable for white theme apartment. The mirror on the side makes the entire bathroom looks bigger while the shelving units below the mirror increases the storage capacity of the bathroom.

Modern bathroom designs for small spaces

The following concept is a by Japanese designer and conveys a Zen like structure that many Western designs are lacking. For those who might not know, Japanese apartments are much smaller than their Western counterparts which makes Japanese designs more suitable to our small apartments. The product name for this entire bathroom set is called Subaco and can include a tub, toilet, sink, laundry and even a small kitchen on the area of 2m x 2m. Each of the furniture has a minimally design and is suitable for a contemporary home.

Small bathroom design pictures

The following model is called the Vertebrae and has one of the most innovative design. It intelligently uses a stacking design that incorporates all the necessary items in a small 4 square meter footprint. The swiveling design makes it easy to use the parts that you need. At the top is the shower head and is followed by a storage area, the sink and a toilet at the bottom. The design fits well into any contemporary home and will surely be the envy of your visitors. The only downside is the price, which is around USD20,000 per piece.



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