Bathroom Vanity Sets -Tips, Options

by admin on December 19, 2010

A bedroom vanity is much easier to choose and install than a bathroom vanity set because it does not include a mirror and a sink and it requires no carpentry or plumbing skills to install. Bathroom vanities often have counter space surrounding the sink and cabinets underneath to store personal bathroom things.

Measure the space into which you desire to place your bathroom vanity; and then measure it again. It will not work if it does not fit. If it is too large, you simply won’t be able to assemble it into the space. If it is too small you can get it in, but it may look out of proportion to the decor. Most of them come with some assembly required because they would probably not fit through all the doorways in your house that you have to come through to get to the bathroom in your bedroom if they were already fully assembled.

When considering what finish you wish to purchase, pay attention to the amount of natural light that shines in your bathroom. A dark cabinet in a dark room can almost disappear. If you have a dimly lit room, then choose a light colored cabinet to brighten the place up and balance against the dim lighting. A deep toned cabinet does look rich and wonderful in a room that has plenty of light, though.

If you don’t want to break the bank but adore classic and elegant then consider online shopping for the perfect vanity. One very affordable and good looking brand is “DreamLine” who manufactures many attractive models in an assortment of colors. For instance they have a modern 24’ vanity for the bathroom in white or a dark and tropical wenge. Home Perfect has a website where this set is available for $273 plus tax and shipping.

Home Perfect also carries Dreamline’s affordable and demure corner glass vanity for the bathroom which sells for $330 and fits in any tight space. It has a small counter space and a small sink and while perfect for that little bathroom it might look out of proportion in large spacious rooms which should be designed with larger furniture to fit the size more suitably. But it is wonderful and perfect for a small corner space where a sink with style is needed.

If you have a gargantuan bathroom you may have to spend a little more to get furniture and fittings to fill that large space. You can get a good deal by looking around a little – either at a neighborhood store or online, as you prefer. Dreamline is the affordable solution to this problem too. The Home Perfect web site carries their large vanity bathroom sets with double sinks, wooden counter tops and very elegant drawers in the under cabinet for under $750. You will even find a single sink with porcelain counters, wood cabinets and a big square mirror for slightly over $720. It is your choice.

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