Beds For Kids: Comfort And Space Saving

by admin on March 30, 2011

When you plan to furnish your kid’s bedroom or just redesign it, it’s a good idea to leave more space for your kids to play. The easiest way to do so is to buy a space saving bed – like short trundle bed. The greatest benefit this type of bed can give is that while offering a high level of comfort and security it can handle two kids, taking the space for one bed only. Here are some features these beds have:

These space saving beds consist of two bed frames attached to each other; in trundle bed the trundle unit is placed just under the main bed; in bunks the second bed is constructed above the normal bed, and the ladder provided to make it possible to get onto it. As for the trundles, they usually have rollers, so even your kids will be able to pull them in and out.

Many of these beds have additional conveniences like bookshelves to store different school equipments and alarm clock.

These beds are quite popular today, and manufacturers offer various designs to fit almost any children’ rooms: there are beds made for boys and girls, with soft or bright colors, with cartoon characters on them, etc. As for the trundle beds, they mainly come in two types:

Pull-out trundle beds are the most common and not very expensive. The trundle unit can be pulled out and in, and is placed under the normal bed. When you need it, just pull it out and your spare sleeping place is ready!

The second type is called a pop up trundle bed. This type of trundles in actually unique, because one small bed can be literally turned into a bigger one! This is possible because the trundle unit can be lifted to the same level as the main bed.

Trundle beds are much safer than bunks, but still before you buy the bed, make sure you get a quality one: it should be sturdy, comfortable and has no flaws. Remember you are buying it for your kids, and it is going to serve them for years, so get something you can be proud of.

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