Best Patio Heaters: Fire Pits, Tables, Chimineas & More

by admin on December 31, 2010

The weather is definitely getting colder these days. This usually means less time outside in the evenings. However, if you still want to enjoy time on the backyard you can invest in a patio heater. There are many different options in outdoor heating, including fire pits, fire tables, chimineas, outdoor fireplaces, and heat lamps.

Fire PitsOutdoor fire pits are one of the most popular types of patio heaters these days. They come in basic designs and in very high-end styles. There are fire pits for any budget. There are also fire pits that can use different types of fuels, including propane, natural gas, or traditional wood logs.

Fire Tables – These stunning patio heaters were derived from fire pits. Instead of having a pit they have a table on which flames rise in different patterns. They are typically fueled by propane and covered with the owner’s choice of fire glass. They are often seen in places like upscale bars, lounges, and hotels, but now you can have one in your home for an affordable price.

Chimineas – These are another popular choice in outdoor heaters. They are similar to fire pits but are designed with chimney structures. Chimineas are conveniently designed to send smoke up and away from you and your guests. These particular patio heaters tend to require more care than fire and fire tables, however they are affordable and beautiful outdoor heating options.

Outdoor Fireplaces – There are many, many different styles of outdoor fireplaces. There are large-scale fireplaces that can be built in to outdoor living spaces. These are on the expensive side but you can have them custom designed for your backyard. There are also free-standing outdoor fireplaces. They are commonly gel or ethanol fueled.

Heat Lamps – These are mostly seen on the patios of bars and restaurants, however you can actually purpose them for residential use as well.

Remember, before purchasing or installing any type of open fire accessory, you must check your city’s fire codes and zoning regulations. Accessories like fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are illegal in some cities, and even if they are not there may be specific restrictions and regulations on the types you can purchase.

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