Black and white accent chairs

by admin on September 19, 2011

Looking for black and white accent chairs under 100 ? So are we when we are moving into our new house. Rather than wasting all the research that we have done, we decided to put the designs that we have liked but never purchased here so that you can consider them. The great thing about white and black accent chairs is that they are so easy to coordinate. Whether you are trying to create a contemporary look or a more traditional country design, these black white accents chairs are just the furnishing items that you need.

Black and white accent chairs from Leon

This beautiful floral designed accent chair has a width of 26″, height of 31″ and depth of 26″. The material is made from high density foam. Together with the elegant curved back, it gives the chair a very comfortable and lasting feel. The black and white design has a bit of a retro feel to it and is great for anyone who wants a retro accent chair.

Tiger print accent chairs

If you want something more exotic, how about this black and white tiger print accent chair design? With a interior that has a 82% rayon and 18% polyester composition, this bold tiger print design is both attractive and comfortable. For home owners who want a Safri inspired look or a ultra contemporary home decor, this piece from is definitely a good choice.

Asian black and white accent chairs

This beautiful floral design by has an Asian inspiration behind its looks. For a modern asian style, using such black and white accent chairs will be a good choice. Measuring 21 in. W x 18 in. D x 33 in. H, it has tapers legs that are slightly bending out design. This beautiful piece of furniture is rather affordable, costing only USD299.


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