Black and white bathroom ideas

by admin on August 9, 2011

After getting quite a good response on our previous articles on bathroom designs for small spaces, we want to add on to that by focusing on black and white bathroom decorating ideas that you can reference to. Our bias is towards modern and contemporary designs, with a slant towards futuristic.

Black and white bathroom design ideas

The following design idea uses a lot of black tiles, ranging from the floor to the walls. It creates a very powerful sophisticated look that can blend well into a modern home. The entire concept design is created by Zucchetti, who is a Italian designer. The design cleverly contrasts the black environment with the use of white items such as white bathtub, white toilet seats and white basins. This create a powerful contrasting design.

White and black bathroom ideas

If you want a whiter background, the following design will be relevant to you. It creates a more spacious feel when compared to the black environment above. The technique is the same though as the designer uses black items to contrast the white environment. However, when using white tiles, you need to note that they will turn yellow if you don’t maintain properly by applying special chemicals that can help to maintain the whiteness.

In the following image, the designers switches the items from black to white. The effect, as you can see, is quite different. There is a more natural flow to the bathroom and plays to the strength of the big space.

Black and white ideas for small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, the design below will be more relevant. It compresses the items in a closer design without it feeling too squeezed. The trick is to put the items as close to the walls as possible so that there is more room in the middle for you to move around. Noticed how all the items in the picture below is wall mounted? You can see wall mounted towel bracket, wall mounted sinks, wall mounted toilet etc.

Black and white bathroom tile ideas

Finally, you can try to use black and white tiles for your bathroom, rather than just a complete black or white color. In terms of choices, you can choose to have big square tiles or smaller square tiles. You can also choose to have the tiles at the floor or at the wall.


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