Black and white room ideas

by admin on August 18, 2011

With the success on our articles on black and white furniture, we want to cover more on black and white home decor. Hence in this article, we will select the most modern and beautiful black and white room ideas that we can find. Hopefully, this will give you some inspirations on how to decorate your room in white and black so that you room look like those in the pictures.

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Red black and white room ideas

This beautiful piece of black and white decor is designed by by A-cero. It makes fully of the wide open space to create a modern and contempory look. The use of white as the background increases the sense of space in the room. Red color is smartly used as accents to give the entire room a sense of energy without disturbing its sophistication. This concept really shows that small color accents can really make a big difference in designing the look of a room.

Black and white living room ideas

This entire house was designed by Portuguese architect Paulo David. It uses a minimalist concept to be in line with the surroundings which happens to be at a seaside in Funchal of Madeira, Portugal. The entire house is black on the outside but mainly white on the inside. Furniture is kept to a minimal as well with only the bare essentials to high the elegance of the entire room.

Black and white bathroom ideas

This cool and trendy bathroom idea hails from the brilliant design of Ex.t. Everything detail on the bathroom set has properly designed without going overboard. The overall black and white color theme is complemented by a generous use of silver and metallic materials.


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