Bookshelf ideas for small room

by admin on January 22, 2013

Bookshelves can be a real space saver in small rooms.  Most of the time, empty wall space is the best way to create more storage for your house. The more wall space you use, the more floor space is available for more purposes. In this article, we will highlight some fantastic bookshelf ideas that not only looks great but gives you plenty of storage options.


Ceiling bookshelf

Using ceiling space is the best way to create more space as it is usually under utilized.  The only downside is that you probably need a ladder to assess the books. For practical reasons, it is recommended that you only store books that you don’t refer to often to minimize the hassle of climbing up and down the stairs.


IKEA bookshelf ideas for small room

This is a great idea from IKEA showcase. Even with a small room, you can line the walls along the window to make full use of this otherwise untouched space. If you run out of space, simply add more bookshelves above the couch area like what the picture has shown.


Bookshelf room divider


Another practical idea for a bookshelf is to combine it with the function of a room divider. Even for small rooms, there is a need to divide up the spaces for privacy and functionality reasons. Using a bookshelf room divider can help you to achieve this aim while creating storage for your books. A win win combo.


Chair with bookshelf

Bookshelf chairs are great as they double up as both chairs and book storage. The only challenge is where to buy bookshelf chairs. Most of them are not sold in your local furniture stores. You probably need to go online to buy them. Even then, don’t expect to find them in Amazon as they are probably sold in some niche online furniture stores.


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