Business Card Design Ideas | New Concepts In Design

by admin on December 15, 2010

Marketing specialists and product designers could learn a great deal from business card design ideas that are widely seen these days. This article takes a look at how the concepts behind business cards could equally be used in larger products.

The old school approach to business card designs simply had a black font on a white paper card. The modern approach is able to use a variety of color printing options, different materials (plastics, etc) and any type of fault you can think of to personalize a unique business card for the customer.

But because these products are almost throwaway by nature, it is easy to overlook how innovative they can actually be. Some of these business card design ideas (color, materials) have been applied equally well to electronics. For example Sony Walkman players have a basic technology platform but use different colors and materials in order to make them more appealing and sell-able to a greater number of customers. Business card designs have incorporated these key concepts but it is odd to see how many larger products do not avail of the same types of design choices, even just to test out new possible customer bases.

The second major element to their design is the effective use of content. Given the fact that business cards are so small, the text and information has to be concisely designed with the rights typography and font choices. Being able to concisely convey a message to others is something that can equally be applied to other products that only have a small or area for content. For example the wrapping of many food products is a prime example of where advertising space/marketing space is at absolute premium so essential to stay concise with your messages in order to not confuse the customer and focused on the data or content you wish them to see.

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