Canopy Beds Are Not Just for Girls

by admin on January 7, 2011

Canopy beds have a very long history. Drapes were used for privacy during the old times but now they are used more for decorative purposes. Canopy beds give you the image of elegance and sophistication. Not all people can get canopy beds because it requires a large room. Some people are also daunted by canopy beds, they think is costs a lot of money, however, there are discount canopy beds everywhere which can be bought at prices well within your budget. Another misconception about canopy beds is that they are only for girls. Boys can also sleep on canopy beds.

Almost all the canopy beds you see today are for girls. You see a lot of them in local stores, furniture shops and from online merchants too. You just have to look a little harder to find canopy beds for boys. This is because a lot of carpenters also think that there is a small market for canopy beds for boys. If you have a hard time looking for a canopy bed for your little boy, why not ask a carpenter to do it for you, that way you can custom fit it to your little boy’s personality. Here are some great ideas.

A racecar canopy bed will be a hit with your little boy. You can use a sheet metal canopy as the roof for your car. It can also be the garage so you can park your little car. A canvas canopy will make a very good carport.

A Wild West theme is also one of the best loved by little boys. You can make a custom covered wagon which your little boy can use for his frontier expedition.

Tree houses are also popular with little boys and girls. A jungle foliage will make it look more authentic. You can use plastic vines and leaves on the bed too.

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