Cool wall mounted shelving

Modern wall mounted shelving units

Wall mounted shelving units are a godsend. Not only can they help to save valuable floor space but it makes your home feels clutter free.  If you pick the right modern shelving designs, they can help to alleivate the contemporary of your home. Showcasing here...

modern mirror wall art

Modern mirror design

Mirrors are a great way to make a space feels bigger.  They can also be used as decorative pieces due to the many modern designs currently available in the market today.  When looking for modern mirrors design, pay attention to their shapes and functionalities.  In...

modern wall mounted storage cabinets

Modern storage cabinets for living rooms

Storage cabinets are a must for every home that wants to be organized. You can never have too much storage space as the things just keep piling up over the years.  The good thing is that storage cabinet designers have gotten cooler and more sleek...

futuristic wall panels

Futuristic wall panels that will make you go wow

Following up on our futuristic furniture theme (you can see our previous coverage on futuristic lighting and futuristic desk chairs), we will be featuring some cool futuristic wall decor in the form of wall panels and clocks. If you want to give your home a...

polka dot bedding for crib

Polka dot bedding for crib

Continuing with our interest in polka dot bedding, we are featuring modern polka bedding for crib in this article.  Using polka dot designs in your baby room can add much vibrancy and playfulness. We all know that kids love colors so using polka dots is...

modern chairs under 100

Modern chairs under 100

If you know how to spot a bargain, you ca get pretty cheap modern chairs for less than 100. We have already featured where to buy bubble chairs under 100.  In this article, we will show some cool office and dining chairs that you can...

modern wall mail organizers

Wall mail organizer

Most modern home owners like to make use of the wall space to prevent over cluttering their floor, thus creating a more open feel to the entire house.  There are currently plenty of wall mounted mail organizers that features different form of materials and designs,...

modern wall mounted beds

Cool wall mounted bed designs

Wall mounted beds not only help you to save space but they can be a real cool centre piece for your bedroom if you choose the right design. We have already featured cool circular beds in our previous articles which you can take a look...

round chrome side table

Modern chrome side table

Side tables are a must in every living room. Recently, chrome side tables have become popular due to their sleekness and sturdiness.  With a eye for design, you can really buy some really cool and modern chrome side table that can bring out the modern...

transparent round bar stools

Best transparent bar stools for your home

Continuing with the theme of transparent furniture,  this article will show you how to make use transparent bar stools to make your home more visually interesting. Working with transparent furniture is quite a new area in the field of interior decor but I am starting...