modern window design trends

Modern window design trends

Can you imagine what our homes would be like without windows? They let light into our space, they provide us with the capability to look out into the world and when they’re “dressed up” just right, they’re also an exquisite element of any room. This...

mixing white furniture with wood

Mixing white furniture with wood

At, we loved black and white furniture as much as anybody. For the many articles we have written about them, you can see how we love these simple but sleek colors. In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas on mixing...

Tree shaped bookshelf

Tree branch bookshelf

Beautiful bookshelf designs that look like trees

Modern crib under 500

Modern crib under 500

Modern home decor demands an equally modern crib to go with the rest of the room. With baby cribs now being designed by great designers, we are starting to see very contemporary crib that can match any modern furniture you might have in your modern...

Modern bathroom tiles design

Modern bathroom tile designs

This is a gallery of some of the best looking modern bathroom tile designs that are available in the market today for your modern home decor. In bathroom designs, bathroom tiling is an important component that is often neglected. Not only do the bathroom tiling...

modern pedestal sink

Modern pedestal sink

The pedestal sink has seen lots of interesting modern designs being introduced in the past few years. In this article,  we will take a look at some of these awesome modern pedestal sink designs that will make you drool with envy. However, don’t be alarmed...

Link to Modern bathtub designs

Modern bathtub designs

Following the success of our article on bathroom designs for small spaces, we realise our readers love to see more furniture design and ideas for modern bathroom. Hence, in this article, we decided to showcase some amazing bathtub modern designs. If you like to see...

Link to Rainfall shower system

Rainfall shower system

Rainfall shower system, otherwise also known as waterfall shower system or downpour shower system, is a great way for you to relax when taking a shower. However, these rain shower systems do not only perform a functional role. Most of these shower system designs are...

movable kitchen islands

Movable kitchen islands

Kitchen islands have become quite popular in Many of our readers wanted to see more kitchen island designs. Hence, we have decided to give our readers what they want and provide more kitchen islands pictures and images that are both functional and beautiful. Island...