productive home office design ideas 1

5 productive home office design ideas

Some people use their home office for paying bills and filing taxes. Others work from home occasionally, or even exclusively, and truly need a dedicated office space where they can escape the chaos in the rest of the house in order to focus on earning...

decorative window film installation

5 DIY decorative window film installation tips for your home

The truth is that traditional windows can be quite boring – you’ve seen them a million times and there is nothing new or fresh about them. Sometimes you want to see something different and a little more unique. This is where decorative window film comes...

modern smart home design

5 things to consider when designing a modern smart home

All of us have experienced times when we have run out of our homes and inadvertently forgotten to turn off our lights or one of our appliances and found ourselves late for work being that we had to turn around to go back home. In...

modern backyard landscape design tips

Top 5 backyard landscape design tips for homeowners

There’s nothing like stepping outside on your back porch or deck, looking out at the yard and seeing a beautiful landscape. Yet sometimes, we fail to create one because our budgets are tight and we can’t afford to hire a professional. If this is the...

How to choose the right color carpet for your home

How to choose the right color carpet for your home

Choosing the right carpet for your home is not an easy task. Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that searching for the perfect carpet is like searching for the Holy Grail. And after you’ve finally found the perfect carpet it is time to...

focal point decorating room

5 tips for showing your home to potential buyers

Your house can be in a great neighborhood with a big yard and plenty of rooms, but if you want to sell it, that’s not enough. You have to go the extra mile to make sure that it’s staged in such a way that it...

andscaping to reduce energy costs

5 tips on using landscaping to reduce energy costs

Now that the warmth of spring has arrived, most households in America are turning their attention towards prepping their A/C systems. Those old units got a nice break over the winter, but summer is right around the corner, and that heat isn’t always tolerable without...

maintain outdoor furniture

How to maintain modern outdoor furniture

While you can certainly find plenty of deals on cheapie outdoor furniture like plastic chairs and tables, you may get tired of replacing them every year or two when summer rolls around again. Instead, you should consider purchasing a more robust or appealing set that...

modern 60s bathroom design

Modern retro bathroom design

Modern retro, or retro chic as some would prefer, is a new trend in home decor design. Combining vintage with modern decorating style¬† is a tough balancing act and one that can easily go wrong.¬† We have already profiled some ideas in Today’s article...

japanese design small spaces

Japanese design for small spaces

I always loved Japanese designs. They convey a strong sense of modern feel without losing touch of their origin and history. Also, most of the designs are geared towards small apartments or spaces and this forces a lot of innovative ideas out of them. In...