small modern beach house

Small modern beach house designs Part 2

This is part 2 of our series on featuring small modern beach house designs. You can check out part one here. In part 2, we are featuring a small house design in Baja.  Created by architect Jorge Garcia, it is a wonderful piece of architectural...

How to do modern landscaping

How to do modern landscaping

Landscaping may not be your forte. Heck, design and décor of any stripe could be beyond your limited artistic talents. And yet, you almost certainly know what you like and don’t like; you can appreciate design in magazines, public spaces, and the homes of your...

small modern beach house designs

Small modern beach house designs Part 1

My dream of a perfect home is a modern beach house with a beautiful sea view.  I don’t want big houses as my preference is for a smaller place that is cozy and modern. If this is something that you liked as well, then this...

modern home office lighting

How to design a modern home office

There comes a time in just about every room of the house when we find ourselves looking around and saying “This space needs a bit of an upgrade.” This can especially be the case when it comes to our home offices being that we spend...

white red and black bedroom design

Red and black bedroom design ideas

Red and black is a color combination that invokes feelings such as passions, elegance and luxury. If you want to create such a theme for your bedroom, there are a few ways to go about it. In our previous article on red and black home...

hidden furniture for small apartment

Small apartment storage ideas

There seems to be a growing demand for decor tips on small apartments. For example, my recent article on tips on decorating a small apartment picked up a lot of traffic despite it being a new article. One of the key challenges in any small apartments...

small bathroom wall storage

Small bathroom wall decor for the modern home

Doing wall decor for small bathroom can be a challenge. Do nothing and the wall looks empty. Do too much and you get a cluttered effect. If you are facing such a challenge, here are some tips and tricks that can allow you do bathroom...

blue and black floral bedding

Blue and black bedding sets

Blue and black. One of my favorite bedding combinations sets that will look good in almost any modern decor theme.  The thing about blue and black is that it is a very flexible color scheme. Depending on what shade of blue you choose, you can...

maximize corner space

Maximize space in small bathroom

Have a small bathroom? Have no worries as we are going to show you some great ideas on how to create space in small bathrooms. Don’t worry about budget as most of the ideas we covered here will not empty your wallet. To maximize space,...

feature wall ideas for small rooms

Feature wall ideas for small rooms

Who says small rooms cannot have feature walls? Of course, if you only have ideas that require big space, then it is little wonder that you can’t use feature walls in your rooms. However, with some creativity, you will be surprised at how some feature...