How to mix modern and traditional decorating styles

How to mix modern and traditional decorating styles

Decorating a home is a truly individual pursuit, which is why no two homes look the same. Some people hire interior decorators to turn their space into a showpiece while others do the best they can on their own to create a cohesive style on...

futuristic vegatable garden

Futuristic kitchen garden

It is always nice to have some greenery in the house, even in the kitchen area. The problem is how to incorporate a garden in a modern home and still make it look all nice and contemporary. This is what we will be looking at...

mixing vintage with modern decor

Mixing modern and vintage decor

Mix, mix, mix. That is the secret of creating a truly unique decor style that belongs to you and you alone. One of the trends in combining decor style is to mix modern and vintage decor. These 2 styles are contradictory in nature and it...

mixing modern furniture with traditional furniture

Mixing modern furniture with traditional furniture

More and more, people are starting to experiment with different decor styles so as to create something that is unique to them.  This is one reason why we did the article on mixing white furniture with wood furniture.  However, there are so many different styles...

small minimalist apartment design

Small minimalist apartment design

We loved featuring small minimalist apartment design. Due to land constraint, apartments in countries such as Singapore is getting really small. However, that doesn’t mean we should compromise on our living standard. By being creative and smart, we can do a lot of amazing stuff...

futuristic desk chairs

5 cool futuristic desk chairs

A common theme to create a modern house is the futuristic theme. By default, a futuristic house is a modern house so it makes sense for modern home owners to use some form of futuristic furniture in their house. We have featured futuristic lighting and...

modern display cases

Modern display cases

For those who like to collect stuff, being able to display them in our homes make our hobby more enjoyable. Personally, I collect lot of comics but have a hard time trying to display them without destroying the decor of the house. There are a...

polka dot designs on walls

Polka dot decor ideas

Polka dots are a fun way to decorate your home. It definitely brightens up any rooms and adds that sense of vibrancy to the entire space. Best part is that you can use polka dots in many different styles, from modern to elegant to even...

modern japanese bedroom design

Modern asian bedroom designs

After featuring modern master bedroom designs,  it is time to look at some stylish and cool Asian bedroom designs. Unlike western house, most Asian bedrooms are smaller. This means a different kind of decor style is needed. One that is both aesthetically pleasing as well...

wall writing on striped walls

Wall writing decor ideas

Wall writing is going to be one of the big decor trend for 2013.  It is an alternative to the wall paper trend which has really gained popularity in recent years. Unlike wall papers, wall writing needs to be more mellow. The positioning of the...