transforming dining table to painting

Transforming dining table

Our recent article on transforming furniture received an overwhelming positive response from readers. To continue on this theme, we are showing you some more cool multi purpose furniture. This time, we will be focusing more on transforming dining tables as they typically take up the...

black and red wall decor

Modern black and red decor ideas

Black and red is a rather outstanding color combination to be used for your home. Typically, red and black represents sophistication and elegance, with a touch of intensity. Not suitable for all home owners but definitely a winning combination for those who like it. Below...

blue white striped living room

Blue white striped decor

White and blue is one of my favorite color combination and is the reason why I wrote the article on white and blue kitchen designs.  This article will give you some tips on doing blue white striped decor and how they will look if you...

portable small kitchen island

Modern space saving kitchen islands

Kitchen islands in a small apartment is a tricky affair. While they are a convenient way to combine cooking and dining in one place, most kitchen islands demand a rather big space. For a small kitchen, this can be a problem. Fortunately, there are now...

modern backyard patio

Modern backyard landscaping ideas

When it comes to getting the most out of your home, you might overlook your outdoor space. While the land on your lot doesn’t factor into your usable square footage, there’s no reason you can’t do a backyard overhaul in order to get more value...

How to decorate your coffee table with books

How to decorate your coffee table

If there’s one piece of furniture that virtually all of us have that we tend not to put that much thought into, it would have to be a coffee table. Sure, we may use it to prop up our feet while watching a movie or...

minimalist computer room design

Modern computer room design ideas

Who said that just because you want a computer room in your house that it has to look boring or trendless? The truth of the matter is that as technology is becoming more of a priority in people’s lives, so is the need for making...

modern garage cabinets

Modern garage storage design ideas

Your garage is an important part of your home for a lot of reasons — it’s great storage space, and serves a lot of functions due to the fact that it’s not quite inside, but it’s not quite outside, either. The thing about the garage,...

tips for decorating a small apartment

Tips for decorating a small apartment

Very few people have trouble figuring out how to make their furniture and décor fit into a gigantic interior space. Most of us are facing just the opposite problem: trying to find ways to force our bulky furnishings and diverse array of housewares into a...

modern luminaria

Modern holiday decorating ideas

When you think of holiday decorating, what immediately comes to mind? Evergreen Christmas trees? Wreaths hanging on the front door? Candles and red ribbons? Without a doubt, all of those are beautiful ways to celebrate the holiday season, but what if you’re someone who is...