updating your home decor

5 tips for updating your home decor

Have you ever had a day when you found yourself looking around your bedroom or living room and thought, “Ugh. This space really needs an upgrade”, but you can’t really put your finger on exactly what it is that you need to do. You repainted...

IKEA Unveils paris airport lounge

Home decor store IKEA Unveils paris airport lounge

Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, infamous as one of the worst airports worldwide for waiting travelers, just got temporarily a little comfier thanks to IKEA, the Sweden-based furniture company. In terminal 3 of the Parisian international hub, IKEA set up a pop-up VIP Lounge...

modern window treatments for kitchen

Modern window treatments for kitchen

So you’ve finished the majority of your kitchen renovations and you now have the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and shiny new appliances to make your culinary dreams into a reality. All you need to do now is add the finishing touches to make your space complete....

diy home improvement projects

Important tips for diy home improvement projects

So, you’ve decided to take it upon yourself to do a little bit of remodeling, eh? And not just moving a couch or a couple of pictures around, but a major project like perhaps creating a home theater room or installing some new countertops. Good...

modern recording studio setup

Modern recording studio setup for your home

When it comes to doing a modern recording studio setup in your home there are two main things you need to consider: space and equipment, and they must work in tandem. Although cost is also a major consideration for most people, there are actually a...

Modern Backyard Water Features

Modern backyard water features

Can any of us name one person that we know who doesn’t like water fountains? They’re not just pretty to look at, but soothing to listen to as well. And while some of us limit our “water fountain/feature viewing experiences” to ones that we see...

modern indoor water feature

Modern indoor water feature ideas

Choosing your d├ęcor is not only a fun way to pass the time; it is also a method of showing your style aesthetic as you create your sanctuary from the busy modern world. This means you want it to be both comfortable and attractive so...

Modern guest room ideas

Modern guest room ideas

One of the best things about having a home with a little extra space is that you can offer your hospitality to family and friends when they travel to visit you (instead of making them shell out major money for a hotel just for the...

modern home security

Modern home security

All throughout history, mankind has struggled to find ways to protect his “home”. For example, medieval castles were endowed with moats, drawbridges, and armies of knights ready to defend the battlements. In more recent memory homeowners have started using door and window locks and guard...

Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas

Inexpensive interior design ideas

Sometimes we get the urge to update our wardrobe. Other times, it’s the desire to upgrade the interior of our homes. If there’s one thing that both of these things have in common is that there can be a tendency to want to do more...