modern patio paving ideas

Modern patio paving design ideas

If you’ve been living for years with an ugly slab of concrete in your backyard that is meant to serve as a patio, and you let it lie simply because it was whole and undamaged (no cracks or crumbling) and there were more immediate concerns...

Modern media room design

Modern media room design tips

OK, you might not technically call it your “media room”, but if there’s a place in your home that houses most of your electronic equipment, then that would be the room that we’re talking about. And when you really think about it, other than the...

garage home office conversions

Garage home office conversions

Most entrepreneurs start their small business in whatever corner of their home is free. But as the business grows, so do their needs for an office. Keeping costs down is incredibly important for any startup, so you may not be in a position to be...

modern home theater ideas

Modern home theater ideas

You’ve got a room set aside for it, and you’re ready to for your modern home theater design. But how do you go about putting it together? There are so many different modern home theater ideas and styles. How are you supposed to choose? Do...

modern game room design

Modern game room design ideas

You’ve got a room in your house just begging to be transformed. Your kids want a game room, and you love the idea of giving them a space that’s dedicated to fun that simultaneously keeps the clutter out of the rest of your living space....

Modern garage designs

Modern garage design tips

When it comes to renovations in the home, the last room anyone tends to think about is the garage. It used to be a space reserved for housing our cars and automotive accessories. In many cases it was also the place for tools (used to...

Modern white and blue kitchen designs

White and blue kitchen designs

White and blue designs are one of my favorite color themes as they look great for modern home decor. In addition, they can be changed to convey either a futuristic style or a nature sense, depending on what kind of blue you used and what...