modern large yard landscaping ideas

5 large yard landscaping design tips

It can be exciting to have a large yard – imagine all the things you can do with that much space. However, when you finally get down to landscaping, you realize that designing an outdoor space for that much acreage is actually much more difficult...

modern concrete driveway

5 DIY tips for concrete driveway construction

To be honest, installing or replacing a concrete driveway is a massive job that most homeowners may be keen to leave to the pros. But if you’re the type that enjoys DIY, there’s no reason you can’t tackle this home improvement project. And you can...

modern backyard patio

5 creative ways to improve your backyard patio

If you’re someone who likes to spend a lot of quality time outside and you’re fortunate enough to have a patio, when’s the last time that you decorated that space? If you never have or it honestly appears a bit dated, then you’ve come to...

pool resurfacing options

Different pool resurfacing options for homeowners

A well-made, in-ground pool will last you for many years, especially if you practice proper maintenance, clean regularly, winterize your pool, and complete repairs as needed. But over time your pool will suffer the wear and tear of use and the ravages of time, no...

Link to 5 factors to consider before starting on a home construction project

5 factors to consider before starting on a home construction project

All of us have moments when we find ourselves looking at our house and thinking “It’s time to do something new.” And while there are simple things that we can do on our own like painting or adding new window treatments, when we want to...

healthy indoor air quality at home

How to achieve healthy indoor air quality at home

You may think that the air in your home is safe – because it’s inside – but oftentimes this can be furthest from the truth. Studies show that many homes have an indoor air quality that is worse than the outdoor air quality. One of...

storage tips for garden shed

Top 5 storage and organization tips for your garden shed

If you’re someone who is fortunate enough to have a garden shed, that is awesome because that helps you to not have to rely on your garage or basement to store some of your “outdoor items” such as your lawn and gardening tools, your sporting...

modern audio room in your room

5 Tips for setting up a multi-room audio system for your home

When you really stop to think about it, what’s one of the best things about going to the movies? It’s watching a film on an enormous screen while listening to it with surround sound, right? For the $15 that a ticket cost, in order to...

secure doors and window

How to make your doors and windows more secure

As a homeowner, home security is possibly one of the most critical components of your household. If you think about it, with only your windows and doors, you are only minimally safe and secure. With the savvy of a burglar, anyone can basically get in-...

modern tree house

How to build a treehouse in your backyard

For many people some of the best childhood memories involve a treehouse. If you had one when you were a kid, you can probably clearly recall the day you helped build it, the texture, shape and vast size of the tree that housed it, and...