modern ceiling fan

How ceiling fans can reduce your heating and cooling costs

With August drawing towards a close you’re likely starting to look ahead to autumn, when the kids go back to school and the temperatures blessedly cool down. But in most parts of the country the heat and humidity are going to remain punishing for several...

modern aircon

What to do when there is frost build-up on your air conditioning unit

Air conditioner icing is a common problem when it comes to A/C units. If you start to notice frost, or a build up of condensation as a result of frost melting, chances are you have one of many of the problems than can cause air...

modern basement design

5 easy and cost effective ways to make your basement more livable

Basements often sit, unused, as wasted space in your home. Many basements are not in good enough condition to be considered “living space” however the square footage should be utilized as a part of your home. Taking the time to employ some cost effective tips...

modern  home heating system

Top 5 maintenance tips for your home heating system

When it comes to maintaining the central air system in your home, you likely turn the duty over to a local service provider once a year and call it good. That is, of course, if you even remember that you’re supposed to have your heating...

modern summer house

5 Affordable ways to cool down your home in Summer

Keeping your house cool without doing too much damage to the wallet might seem like a foreign concept to most people. However, there are a number of ways to keep your home cool in the summertime without draining your savings. In the summer, we need...

What to look for when buying an ac unit

What to look for when buying an ac unit

Most homeowners only have to make major home purchases like a roof, new flooring, or appliances a handful of times throughout their adult lives, depending on the properties they own, the amount of maintenance or upgrades required, and number of houses they buy. So if...

age proof your house

5 ways to age proof your home

Studies show that more and more elderly people are living alone. Yet with this comes a massive spike in injuries caused by spills in the shower or other types of falls and a higher mortality rate. While improvements in technology, like smartphone life alert and...

modern bathroom remodeling ideas

5 things to consider when doing your modern bathroom remodeling

We all have moments when we find ourselves looking around our house while saying, “I really think it’s time to do a bit of remodeling.” If lately, when you’ve walked into one of your bathrooms, that is the thought that repeats in your head, before...

studying interior design abroad

5 benefits of studying interior design abroad

It used to be that only the wealthy could afford to travel and study abroad. It was, in fact, de rigueur to send your children overseas so that they could receive valuable lessons from teachers in far corners of the globe. However, into today’s infinitely...

transforming table

Cool transforming furniture

Transforming furniture are now the rage in modern home decor. It is not usual now to see dual purpose furniture that can serve two functions. Now, there is even multi purpose furniture that can serve more than 2 functions. If you are strapped for space,...