short homecoming dresses under 100

Short homecoming dresses under 100

While this is main a home decor site, we have one article on mother of the groom tea length dresses that is drawing some interest. Hence, to cater for this niche audience, we create this article to recommend some beautiful and cheap short homecoming dresses...

display shelves for collectibles

Display shelves for collectibles

In our article on the making your own display shelves for collectibles, we casually mentioned some display shelves for collectibles. It turns out that most readers like that portion of the article. Hence, we want to expand on that to feature more display shelf for...

modern leather accent chairs

Modern accent chairs for living room

Contemporary accent chairs can make a big difference to how you living room will look. I remember my wife and I took a long time in selecting one for our living room. To ease you off such frustrations, we have listed some really nice living...

samsung bottom mount refrigerator

Bottom mount refrigerator

A refrigerator or freezer is something that every family needs. There are a couple of configurations with regards to the freezer that one can consider when buying a refrigerator. The freeze can be either at the top, at the side or at the bottom. For...

Link to Best laptop cooling pad reviews

Best laptop cooling pad reviews

With laptops coming a common home appliance, you probable encounter the problem of them being overheated. This is where laptop chili pad or mat becomes useful. These accessories are designed for people like me who used laptops for long periods of time. By using these...

Link to Best tower fans with remote control

Best tower fans with remote control

If you are struggling in this hot summer but doesn’t want to buy an air conditioner, tower fans are a great choice for you to think about. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top rated tower fans with remote...

high efficiency wood stove

High efficiency wood stove and fireplace

With winter coming in a few months time, now is a good time to start preparing your home. One item that we have taken a liking in the office is modern wood stove and fireplace that high efficiency in terms of energy consumption. In this...

sunroom furniture designs

Sunroom furniture designs

In this article, we will take a look at some ideas that can turn a normal sunroom into a modern home.  Through the images, we hope to show you that a sunroom can be as modern as any black and white room ideas. In fact...

Link to Contemporary fireplace designs ideas

Contemporary fireplace designs ideas

Taking a break from our space saving series, we now focus on fireplace designs. With winter coming in a few months’ time, it is a good idea to start planning for a modern and contemporary fireplace if you have not done so. Unlike fireplace of...

modern hanging lights

Hanging ceiling lights

Lighting makes a lot of difference to how a room can look. In this article, we will take a look at hanging lights.  This is again a space saving furniture as it avoids the use of any walking space for the placement of the lights....