Choose Your Materials Carefully For Kitchen Blinds

by admin on January 15, 2011

The kitchen air can become laden with steam and at times grease, for this reason the materials you choose for your kitchen window covering is very important  Cooking engenders greasy, and steamy particles in the air, that will be deposited on the windows and the window treatment, no matter how carefully you cook, and even if you don’t fry food.  It is fair to say that kitchen blinds are easier to take care of than are pleated shades and blinds, but they are by no means easy to clean.

Special dusting devices are available to clean four or five slats with on dusting pass. The device just slides between open slats.  These brushes are great for any other room, but in a kitchen they don’t work particularly well.  Cleaning kitchen blinds requires that you use a damp cloth and that you wipe each slat individually.  Cleaning your blinds more frequently makes them easier and faster to clean.  An occasional soaking and scrubbing in a bathtub will make the cleaning easier yet.

Choosing mini blinds or standard size blinds is only a question of preference and perhaps is influenced by the size of the window.  The slats on mini blinds are about half the size of the ones on regular blinds. Whether one is easier to clean than the other is really a matter of personal point of view.

Don’t imagine that installing vinyl blinds in the kitchen will limit you to a boring white color if another color is more fitting.  You will find a matching or a contrasting color to enhance any color theme you have in mind.  Don’t overlook the fact that greasy dust in the kitchen will make even pearly white blinds look dull, this means that more frequent dusting and washing will be necessary.

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