Choosing a 48″ Bathroom Vanity

by admin on December 19, 2010

A most noticeable details of a bathroom is its vanity. Showers, tub units and toilets provide a specific function but do not offer much variety in style. A carefully selected vanity unit can tie the theme or decor of the room together for a more unified look. It is also a very practical feature in the room. It helps keep personal health and beauty products organized and sets the tone of the decor. Products come in a wide variety of sizes, from two to seven feet or more. But the average bathroom is moderately sized, so a vanity of moderate length is most desirable, a 48″ bathroom vanity. You may not be able to use two sinks with this size, but will surely have enough storage and counter space for all the items used in this space.

When you need to select a vanity unit, there are many considerations in making the right choice. Those considerations can be classified as function, quality and look. One aspect may be more important than the other and will vary from one person to another. Below is a discussion about each consideration that will help you select the most appropriate piece for your bathroom.

Looks can be important in a vanity, because it is the most flexible design option in the bathroom most often. Choosing the right base for a vanity can help set the tone or style of the entire room. These products are available in a wide assortment of styles, so there is a suitable product for every bathroom. Most people choose a color finish or design style to work with. Then the other available products can be eliminated, leaving only the most appropriate models to choose from, before making the final decision.

Functionality is the next consideration. To some people this is the most critical feature of the item. Aside from providing a sink and water source, the vanity is important in offering storage space for a variety of bathroom items. A mid-sized product offers plenty of storage space below and enough counter space on top for all the cleaning supplies and personal items a person can use.

The last consideration is the item’s quality. It is as crucial as any other feature. Often the materials used in constructing the product can be determined by touching the item. Many different types of wood and wood byproducts are used to make these pieces. It is better to avoid purchasing those products made of compressed wood or newly designed materials, as they will not last as long. Real wood framework and a nice granite counter top are the best options in materials.

A four foot long vanity will provide plenty of space and fit nicely in a moderately sized bathroom. One should always remember to consider quality and style when choosing the right product to install.

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