Choosing Between an Upholstered or Mesh Ergonomic Desk Chair

by admin on December 7, 2010

Perhaps you’ve heard about mesh chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron chair, and wondered what the advantages were over a traditional upholstered chair. There are certainly pros and cons for each of these choices, and in the end it will probably come down to personal preference which style of ergonomic chair you choose. Here are a few facts to help you decide between an upholstered or mesh ergonomic desk chair.

Using mesh in an office chair is really quite revolutionary and it can be a hard sell for some customers. It doesn’t look like it would be as comfortable as regular padded upholstery, but the fact is that some people actually find it more comfortable. The material is flexible yet supportive, so it molds to your body for support. But because of its open air design, it’s much cooler than padding. More air can circulate around your body, so you don’t develop those uncomfortable hot spots and sweaty patches that you can get when you sit for long periods of time.

Mesh also distributes your body weight more evenly, so there are fewer pressure points as you sit. This not only means you experience less discomfort, but it won’t restrict your circulation as much as some chairs do. So you’ll have more blood flowing to your extremities and to your brain.

On the other hand, some of the best ergonomic desk chairs use highly breathable fabric in their products. Some, like the Steelcase Leap chair, feature strategically placed slats for better ventilation. And for some people, the comfort of padding simply can’t be equaled. Even after trying out a mesh chair for a few days, they find they can’t get used to it and long for soft cushioning.

Regardless of whether you choose an upholstered or mesh ergonomic desk chair, it’s important that you be able to adjust the backrest to support your spine properly. You should be able to raise and lower it, and also control the angle at which it tilts.

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