Circular beds

by admin on August 9, 2011

Circular beds can add a special touch to any bedroom decor. They look so much fun rather than a square conventional bed. If you are looking for circular beds ideas or pictures, we have selected some of the most elegant as well as fun looking bed design for you to consider. Have fun looking through these images!

Sercio Round Bed

This cute little bed is called the Sercio Round Bed. It is available in different colors but I recommend the red colors. It looks the most outstanding and will add more vibrancy to your bedroom. The size is also smaller which makes it suitable for smaller bedrooms.

Rotate Round Bed

This rotate round bed is from rotate 5 collection and is from Italy.  In contrast to the above, this design has a more romantic feel to it which is great for newly weds or young couples. The Italy made furniture is made from fine wood and comes with a white colored headdeck. Price wise, this piece of circular bed costs around USD8,899.

Round beds

The following model is called the Histoire round bed and is also rotate 5. Compared to the above, it has a couple of bells and whistles. It has head lights for your night reading as well as a back storage that can store all your bedding and bedsheets. The framework is from natural wood veneer and adds a touch of elegance to the entire piece.

Designer circular beds

This piece of circular bed is called Round Trip and is one of the most adorable! The design is from Roberto Lazzeroni, a famous designer who is renown for interesting designs such as the below.  It features a more rounded surface relative to the above designs, which explains why it is more ‘cute’ looking. If you want to buy circular beds, this is not a bad choice to consider.


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