Contemporary fireplace designs ideas

by admin on August 25, 2011

Taking a break from our space saving series, we now focus on fireplace designs. With winter coming in a few months’ time, it is a good idea to start planning for a modern and contemporary fireplace if you have not done so. Unlike fireplace of the past, the current designs are both sleek and functional. Most of the designers have slipped in clever touches that will make your life a bit better.

Let us take a look at these beautiful and luxury fireplace designs now.

Modern fireplace designs

This sleek and elegant fireplace design comes from Swiss company Gabbaan. It combines both beauty and functionality with a furnace that has side windows. This allows anyone around the room to enjoy the heat. It also has a rotating motion that can distribute the heat evenly around the room. The fuel for the furnace is wooden pellets which are more friendly to the environment than normal fuel.

Corner fireplace design ideas

This is cast iron fire stove designed by Jotul. The sides are made from glass so that the heat can be more evenly distributed around the room. The small design makes it suitable to be placed at the corner so that you can save some space. Design wise, the black colored sleek lines make the entire fireplace more like a centerpiece than a tool for heating.

Wood fireplace designs


ThisĀ  beautiful wooden fireplace is part of the Stack stylish wood stoves collection by Adriano Design. Featuring a very innovative design, this fireplace won the Design Plus 2011 award at international furniture fair ISH in Germany. The inner part of the fireplace is fabricated in ceramic and the fuels used are wooden pellets. This make the fireplace very eco friendly. This model currently comes in three different colors.


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