Cool circular beds

by admin on January 19, 2013

Round or circular beds have been getting more popular. Their curvy shapes made them very suitable for a contemporary or modern home. In our previous coverage on circular beds,  we already covered some updating designs that look sleek. We will continue our coverage by showcasing more cool circular bed designs and ideas. In this article, we will featured designs and concepts that are more innovative and suited for those who are looking for something truly unique.


3D circular bed

This takes the circular bed concept and take it 3D by encasing a normal square bed with a cylinder structure. It is a very innovative design and one that I cannot help but feature it here. The question I have is how that this design prevent the bed from rolling away.  I assumed there is some kind of brake system built within the perimeter of both ends of the cylinder.


Floating circular bed

There are raised circular beds around but this is one of the rare round floating bed design that I have seen. Called the Fluttua C by Lago, the secret of the design lies at the headside of the bed which is floating onto the wall. Using this method, this floating circular bed can even be adjusted in terms of the height. With lights coming from the bottom and the cool floating design, I am sure it will attract much attention from your visitors.


Circular sofa bed

Sofa beds are great for small houses as they can serve dual functions. Now, we have circular sofa beds which retains the same function, but adds a sense of sophistication to your home. Coming from Italian manufacturer Saba, this round sofa bed might not be as practical as the square version but it is definitely more interesting in terms of visual appeal.



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