Cool transforming furniture

by admin on February 1, 2013

Transforming furniture are now the rage in modern home decor. It is not usual now to see dual purpose furniture that can serve two functions. Now, there is even multi purpose furniture that can serve more than 2 functions. If you are strapped for space, look out for these cool transforming furniture for sale. Not only can they save you space, but they will probably cost less than if you buy single versions of these furniture item.


Cool transforming desk

This multi purpose desk can be transformed into either a read chair or into a bed.  This innovative design comes from French designer Florian Jouy’s  who create this desk and bed combination. The only drawback is that the bed is probably too close to the floor. This makes having the bed a bit redundant as you might as well sleep on the floor with a soft mattress.


Cool transforming chair

Not sure who is the designer behind this transforming chair but it looks really modern and sleek. Perfect for outdoor use as you can transform the golfball into a patio chair with a matching coffee table. Nicely done, although the golfball will take up some space in your garden or outdoor area.

Cool transforming bed

This is the ultimate transforming furniture as the modular blocks can literally be transformed into any furniture that you can image.  Called the ‘FUNiture’ and designed by Seung Han Lee, it is meant to be used by a single person in a small space. The first configuration shown above is that of a bed. However, it can do more than that.

In this second transformation, the “FUNiture’ is now a dining table for 4. It even includes 4 stools that people can sit on for their meals.

There is really no limit to how you can use “FUNiture’. In the image above, you can see how it can transformed into a bookshelf. Of course, it is not practical to constantly from bookshelf to bed but you can see the potential of such a modular design.

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