Enjoy Your Upside Down Christmas Tree

by admin on January 7, 2011

Okay, this is different. If you think you have seen everything, wait until this holiday season when you see an upside down Christmas tree in a store or some ones home. They will have you scratching your head in wonderment. You will think your whole world has been turned over. But in all actuality, this is something that is not new – just new to you. In case you missed it, any Christmas-tree-shop owner will tell you they have been advertised quite a bit, especially over the last few years.

But this seemingly quirky idea has actually been around for many centuries and it was traditionally practiced in Europe around the twelfth century A. D. From the bottom down, or up in this case, the upside down Christmas may appear a bit odd, but the advantages are fairly surprising. For one thing, the amount of floor space will increase because the widest part of any tree is at the bottom. Now we can put more presents under the tree and not have to worry about them getting kicked about the tree area.

Though the idea of buying a tree from a Christmas-tree-shop and hanging it seems preposterous, they actually look quite unique and whimsical. Maybe not at first, but your friends and family will certainly get a kick out of it. Some of them might even think it was your very own idea.

Now you no longer have to worry about the cat climbing and knocking down the tree. They will be more in the swing mode as the hanging tree begins to sway when hung from the ceiling or rafter beams. Not only does the upside down Christmas tree allow for more space , it also allows you to visually notice those beautiful boughs and Christmas ornaments because as they hang, there is no lower branch that blocks their view.

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