Evolving Home Office Decoration

by admin on November 21, 2010

Part of the appeal of having a home office is that you can work in an environment that you choose. You can make it look however you want, you can wear what you want, and you can decorate however you want. In my experience, however, unless I’m continually trying to evolve the look of my home office, it gets stagnant and starts feeling like my old office that I did everything I could to get out of. Here are a couple things I have done that help keep the look and feel continually fresh.

For starters, I wanted to make sure my desk was inspiring – something that I looked forward to sitting in front of every day. I did some research online, and ended up falling in love with and buying an old secretaries desk, hand carved in the late 1800s and preserved by a furniture maker here in town. This desk is beautiful. The wood has lovely curves in it that were painstakingly carved over 100 years ago, and the desk itself looks great. These kinds of desks were designed for secretaries that had a lot of paperwork coming and going, and so it’s filled with shelves and nooks to keep paperwork in. I don’t use them as much as people used to, but the design makes me look forward to sitting in front of it each day.

For my trash and my outbox, I got a couple deep white wicker storage baskets that match the look of the room itself. These baskets are easy to clean and are much nicer to look at that a metal trash can ever could be. Combined with the plants and the paintings I have on the walls, the room is more of a green room than an office, and is one that I could easily just sit in at the computer, even if I wasn’t working.

Which is the exact point. I want my office to be a place I look forward to going to. And with this desk and these baskets, I have a room that does just that.

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