Exterior Solar Walkway Lighting

by admin on December 15, 2010

The exterior of residences in the United States can be lit-up using many different styles of exterior lighting. One application for lighting home exteriors available to consumers is designed to illuminates pathways. Pathway lighting that utilizes the sun as the energy source for lighting is practical and green. Given that solar lighting uses the sun as the source for illumination, the household electric grid is not a factor, since it is not used with solar pathway lighting.

Replacing the batteries as needed tend to be the maintenance costs with solar pathway lights. Nonetheless, some lights are better built than others, and as a consequence will function better and last longer than lights that are not as well designed.

Solar lights do require installation where the sun shines directly on the solar panel component of the lights. This factor is very important for potential consumers of solar lighting, for if the lights are installed in locations that do not receive abundant sunlight, the lights will not work well, given current solar lighting technology.

Two common design choices are available to consumers shopping for pathway solar lights. The design with the single solar panel, and the design with multiple solar panels. Consumers shopping for solar pathway lighting may want to consider these design factors, given that the solar panel component of the lighting needs to be installed in the direct sun. So for example, given the location where the lighting will be installed, is it better to have one solar panel, or multiple solar panels? Usually, the design that uses one solar panel has all the lamps attached to it. With the design that has multiple solar panels, usually each lamp has its own solar panel component built into the lamp.

Nonetheless, given that solar lighting is powered by the sun and thus uses no household electricity, it is economical. Solar lighting is also renewable energy, which is considered green energy and beneficial to nature.

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