Favorite Baby Bedding Sets for the Little Girl

by admin on November 22, 2010

Both moms and dads get into the act when it comes to decorating the nursery in expectation of the birth of their first daughter.  While many think that moms are left to do all the work, nothing could be further from the truth.  Young dads are just as excited as the the expectant moms.  Helping with the nursery decor allows dad to do what he can during the pregnancy.  In fact, some dads are far more invested emotionally than one would think.

Everyone knows that little girls wrap their fathers around their little fingers.  Perhaps it is just the protective nature of men.  During the term of the pregnancy there is little dads can do except occasionally feel the little one give a good hard kick.  It is up to the mother-to-be to take care of all the health care needs of herself and the baby she carries.  Maybe that is the reason dads enjoy helping with the nursery decoration.  Dads will paint.  Dads will wallpaper.  Dads will shop!  It is a very special time for the husband and wife to bond and enjoy the experience together.

Surprisingly enough, dads also want to have a say in selecting the baby bedding.  Ask any expectant father who is awaiting the arrival of his little girl and he will tell you about different patterns and designs.  Among the favorites for moms are ladybug themes, but every dad will mention a Hello Kitty crib set.  Dads know about and seem to gravitate toward the Hello Kitty theme because the colors are usually pink and the character is a kitty.  For some reason, most of us think of puppies and little boys and kittens with little girls. 

Of course, there are other baby bedding sets that some dads select, including the pink camouflage pattern and the Dora the Explorer baby bedding among others.  However, for some reason after a few shopping trips, dad’s first choice for the crib bedding is often a pink Hello Kitty theme.

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