Feature wall ideas for small rooms

by admin on March 7, 2013

Who says small rooms cannot have feature walls? Of course, if you only have ideas that require big space, then it is little wonder that you can’t use feature walls in your rooms. However, with some creativity, you will be surprised at how some feature wall ideas doesn’t require much space. All they need is just some smart design that can make your visitors go wow when they first place their eyes on them. Below are some references that might help you think of more.


Using wall papers as feature wall

The most simple way is create a feature wall without wasting any floor space is to use some cool wallpapers like what is shown above. The black bamboo wallpaper creates a nice contrast to the rest of the modern furniture without disturbing the overall look and feel. I am sure visitors will be impressed by what they see when they first step into your house.


Use a 3D wall feature

Using a wall feature that gives a 3D feel, like what is shown above can be a good way to add some wow factor to your small rooms. The good thing about such designs is that it doesn’t eat too much into your floor space. In fact, if I am the house owner, I will probably male these convex circles into additional storage spaces so that it is even more fully utilized.


Retro wall feature for small living room

You can use thematic design to draw out the uniqueness of your living room without needing additional floor space. A good theme to use is the retro design which the above design has shown. Using vintage newspapers and old photographs, it is nice concept that works beautifully well with the rest of the floor.

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