Floating corner shelves

by admin on August 22, 2011

Space saving furniture is our focus here on We understand how difficult it is to maximise the space of your apartment, given that it is getting smaller and smaller. In this article, we will take a look at a very useful type of space saving furniture, which are floating corner shelves.

These floating corner wall shelves are meant to be displayed on the unused walls so that they can help to reduce the use of space at the floor area. Given that there are more wall area than floor area, such design makes sense. Let’s take a look at some modern and contemporary hanging corner shelf.

Black floating shelves

The Alibook floating shelf system is meant to give your wall something unique. The entire design, done by Denis Santachiara for Domodinamica,  is modeled after the wings of birds. The materials are very thin to create a sleek design. However, they are strong and can hold plenty of book and decorating pieces. There are several colors to choose from this collection. If you want red, white, silver or black floating shelves, this collection should be just the thing that you need.

Modern floating shelves

If you want something that has a minimalist design, you can do no wrong by choosing this elegant and wonderful piece of storage system designed by Ron Gilad. The entire shelves are made from brass fram and strong glass. The transparency nature is what gives these floating corner shelves their uniqueness and elegance. The price for these contemporary floating shelves is USD5,500.

Wooden floating shelves

The Bookshelves Fargus by AL 28.98 is clearly inspired by nature. The tree like appearance makes it a great piece for anyone who loves natures and modern design.  Not only does it look great but the floating shelves are quite sturdy as well, as they can hold quite a few books.

PS: You want also want to check out design for white corner shelf.

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