Foldable furniture for small spaces

by admin on March 8, 2013

Nothing beats the space saving function that foldable furniture provides. For apartments with small spaces, buying these type of furniture makes a lot of sense. Most foldable furniture can also serve two functions which means you can save money and space as you only need to buy one furniture to replace two.

Currently, there are many modern foldable furniture for small spaces in the market today. We are featuring some of the cooler designs that we have come across for your reference.


Foldable coffee table

Named the Loftbox 101, it is designed by Rainer Graff . It is a rectangle box that unfolds to reveal a table and some chairs. Best of all, it also hides a screen, which this can be used an an entertainment centre as well. Design wise, it is elegant and is very suitable for a modern apartment.


Cute foldable chairs for small spaces

These adorable looking foldable chairs are designed by Russian designer Kate Pashinova. Its main concept is to be able to store the chairs away when not in used. When in folded position, the chair is almost as flat as a cupboard. This creates minimal storage problems for home owners that doesn’t have too much space.


Foldable dining table for small space

From the image above, you can see how flat the foldable table can be.  Such a compact design can fit even into a shoebox apartment.  Created by ,  it can be easily collapsed into a flat cupboard design. Created by German designer Nils Federking, the whole structure of the foldable dining table feels elegant and sophisticated.  One to look out for.

Foldable wall mounted desk

This is a handsome looking foldable wall mounted desk. Resting nicely on the wall, this piece of design from Unieke takes care of your space limitation problem. It opens up to reveal a sturdy table that has enough room for a laptop and some stationary. Great piece for your small apartment.





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