Funky storage ideas

by admin on February 27, 2013

When it comes to funky furniture, we are lucky that there will never be a lack of good ideas. The number of funky furniture designs coming out on the market is getting to be really quite staggering. In this article, we will be looking at funky storage ideas. These storage furniture brings a lot of vibrant designs and crazy storage concepts to your home. If you want something that is outstanding and yet performs a useful function, check out these cool storage ideas


Funky modular storage

The cool thing about modular storage is their flexibility. As time passes, you will realise that your storage needs will shift as well. If you have a funky modular storage, your storage solution can shift along with your changing needs. Picture above is Freedom, an eCommerce store operating in Australia. Its modular storage shelves are designed to be stacked as well movable so that you can rearrange them in whatever forms and shapes that you desired.


Transforming drawers

Some designs are really so funky that not everyone can accept them. The above is an one such example. The designer of this drawer draws its inspiration from the transformers, from the way a simple drawer becomes a multi dimenisional storage unit. As expected, the name of this design is called Transformer-Shelf.  The sheer number of storage space is really amazing if you looked at the image.  If you always something funky, this is a good choice.


Funky shoe storage

Shoes are one of the things that you definitely need storage for, especially if you have a wife or girlfriend staying with you. This circular shoe storage looks cool but also has plenty of storaage space for at least 20 pairs of shoes.  You can display this funky shoe storage at your living room or bathroom. Its compact size makes it easy to be used anywhere.


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