Futuristic desks that are sleek and modern

by admin on March 13, 2013

Sleek modern desks can heighten the sense of contemporary design in your home. We have previously covered futuristic desk chairs. Now, we will featured the desks themselves and give you a glimpse of what can you expect from the innovative brains of furniture makers.

In this modern age, no longer are we contended with a functional office or home desk. We need something that both delights us in terms of usage and also surprise us in terms of its design. Here are some that we think has achieved both.


Futuristic desks that can be hidden

Featuring a sleek curvy design, this futuristic desk can be hidden when not in use. It can be folded into a ball like shape which not only save space but also keeps the room from looking too clutter. When open, there is a circular seat with a table, that needs to be unhooked to reveal itself.

Futuristic computer desk for laptops

Recognizing that most of us are using laptops rather than a full blown computer, furniture designer Shane Corizer, has come with a beautiful concept of how a modern computer desk should look like.  Called the Flux e-desk, it has a couple of features besides its good looks that make it worth looking. First, there is a clever power cord management system that helps to prevent wires from ruining the clean look of your home. Second, there is padding on the part of the table where you rest your hands to type.  The only thing lacking is a back support, which means you can’t use this desk for too long a period.

Futuristic desk from Japan

The innovative thing about this design is that there is not joints. Everything is made from a single piece of material. It looks almost like an art sculpture that happens to have suitable for using as a computer desk. Coming from Japan. it is a gorgeous piece of design that screams sleek and modern.

I hope you liked these innovative desk furniture that we have featured!

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