Futuristic kitchen garden

by admin on February 25, 2013

It is always nice to have some greenery in the house, even in the kitchen area. The problem is how to incorporate a garden in a modern home and still make it look all nice and contemporary. This is what we will be looking at today. There have been some great ideas on how to have a futuristic kitchen garden. The key is to keep them in a compact area with very cool and modern containers. This will make them very compatible with any modern kitchen decor that you might have.

Idea 1: Looking for modern kitchen systems with a garden opening

In the example above, you can see how this modern kitchen island has a space for you to grow some plants. This is the easiest solution for any home owner who wants some greenery in his or her modern kitchen.  It helps that the color green was also used as part of the kitchen island design. This makes it very easy for you to color coordinate.


Idea #2: Leave a wall space for growing a vegetable garden

Another concept is the create a space near the walls where you can grow either some plants or vegetables. Growing the latter is better as you can use some of the vegetables or herbs for your cooking. If you liked some information on how to grow a herb garden, check out

Idea #3: Futuristic kitchen hanging garden

If you are running out of kitchen space, then using hanging garden is good way to make use of your ceiling space. These spacing saving hanging garden can take many forms including the cool looking bubble container as shown above (designed by by Shane Powers for West Elm). Imagine hanging a few of these across your ceiling, near the kitchen island. It can easily be make into a center piece for the kitchen


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